Party Face

By Isobel Mahon
Off-Broadway NYC - U.S. Premiere - 2018
New York City Center Theater

* Awarded Best Production at 10th Annual Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival

Director: Amanda Bearse
Scenic: Jefferson Ridenour
Costumes: Lara de Bruijn
Lighting: Joyce Liao
Sound: Damien Figueras
Starring Hayley Mills, Gina Costigan, Klea Blackhurst, Brenda Meaney, Allison Jean White & Alison Cimmet

“Jeff Ridenour’s design is so sleek and attractive that he will give you your own design ideas. We are sitting above Mollie Mae’s extension and its tasteful furniture, with neatly potted plants marking the new outdoor patio…Very edgy.”
- Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast

“Mills also has a nifty way with physical comedy, most of it having to do with Jeff Ridenour's attractive set, a sleek, shiny-surfaced combination kitchen/living room…She tangles with a retractable faucet head, struggles mightily to pry open seemingly impregnable cabinet doors, and gamely leaps onto a leathery stool, only to slide right off.”
- David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America

“…designer Jeff Ridenour’s set is a sleekly beautiful and spot-on architectural CliffsNotes, chockful of subtle thematic commentary and visual character clues.”
- Charles Geyer,

“Jeff Ridenour’s set is well done, offering a strong take on a modern kitchen, along with a typical suburban backyard that one would find in a California cul-de-sac or any other well-tended neighborhood.”
- Judd Hollander, The Epoch Times

“Jeff Ridenour has created a set that looks like a modern home, but its grey textures reflect how grey and cold its inhabitants feel.”
- Diandra Reviews

“Jeff Ridenour is responsible for the elegant but cold black, white and cream-colored kitchen extension that doesn’t yet look lived in.”
- Victor Gluck,

“ …an impressive refrigerator, large cabinets, and a marble island in the center, with one corner smashed up… The audience is virtually another guest at the party, which takes place on Jeff Ridenour’s cozy kitchen / living room set.”
- Mark Rifkin, This Week in New York