Hänsel und Gretel

Composed by Engelbert Humperdinck
UMKC Conservatory of Music - 2017
PaperMoon Productions

Director: Fenlon Lamb
Scenic: Jefferson Ridenour
Costumes: Maureen Thomas
Lighting: Brian Moore
Projections: Kris Kirkwood

“…an insight into the workings of an opera production, as opposed to an opera performance itself…stage was lit by a single stage light with the scenic drops only partly in place, the roof of the Father and Mother’s hut resting near the ground, and props and set pieces strung about. As the overture concluded, all was put aright, and the performance was set to begin.…The stationary stand of trees backing all of the scenes contained highlight strips that took on various hues throughout the performance, which was very effective.”
- Don Dagenais, KC Metropolis

UMKC Fairy Tale Production Captures ‘Epic Nature of Opera’ With Paper
- Laura Spencer, NPR-KCUR