• Hairspray

    By Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman

    UMKC Charrette 2014 - David Gropman & Karen Schulz-Gropman

    This theoretical design was created in collaboration with Production Designer David Gropman, and Art Director Karen Schulz-Gropman in UMKC’s annual Charrette. Charrette is an intensive professional design training workshop with professionals in which the grad students of the UMKC program design a theoretical production in 4-5 days. This design was inspired by the Gropmans’ work in designing the film version of Hairspray in 2007 as well as the art of Nam June Paik. Through the influx of television into everyday life, social changes of the early 60s were represented and influenced by the t.v. screen. The diverse and many television sets and screens throughout the set reflect the importance and major theme of television in Tracy’s life and throughout the musical. Tracy, represented by and through hues of violets and magenta, begins to infiltrate the community and share her love for diversity and boldness. In the words of Tracy, “You have to dream big, to be big!”

Rendering Photos