• Afflicted: Daughters of Salem

    By Laurie Brooks

    Coterie Theatre
    January 2014

    Afflicted is a new play set around the events leading up to the Salem Witch Trials from the point of view of the young girls known infamously as the Daughters of Salem. More importantly, the play is centered around the effects of oppression in puritanic societies and loss of individuality leading to rebellion in young adults. Jeff's design was seen in the Washington Post's February 2014 article, Salem witch trials, 60 years after 'The Crucible'
    - Celia Wren

    "This co-production with the UMKC Theatre Department is a sharp-looking show, thanks to the atmospheric scenic design suggesting a claustrophobic forest by Jeff Ridenour"
    - Robert Trussell

    “The production employs strikingly simple sets designed by Jeff Ridenour, which when entering the theater the audience gets the sense of journeying to the center of a deep dark forest. The use of a single window directs the action away from the woods and inside the hamlet of Salem. The closing of the show, which involves the set, is inspired.”
    - Steve Wilson


Production Team

  • Directed by Jeff Church

  • Scenic Design by Jeff Ridenour

  • Costume Design by Tyler Wilson

  • Lighting Design by Kristopher Kirkwood

  • Sound Design by Sarah Putts

Production Photos

      Photography courtesy of J. Robert Schraeder